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A local kind of homeboy who is always trying to help-a-brotha-out.
Damen: Yo Shaman you got the supplies?
Shaman:Here ya go brotha!
by Dsnutsnmouth June 08, 2010

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The effect of one's head/brain being annihilated by an object,whether it be a blunt object or the bullet(s)/Shell(s) of a gun, and the inertia of the head is a bloody brain tissue mixture which either is sprayed or projectiled in every possible direction.
Joe: This guy cut me off on my drive over here and it really pissed me off!

Bob: Did you do anything about it?

Joe: hell yeah i blew that cock-juggling-thunder-cunts brain salad all over the asphalt with my double-barreled shotgun.

Bob: "Nice"
by Dsnutsnmouth June 29, 2010

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