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A Jamaican Patois term for the vagina or vulva, used as slang in British/American English

Hawaiian slang for "vagina" or "vulva", derived from the Hawaiian word "puanani" meaning "beautiful flower"
1. yeah man i licked her punani til she came all over my face

2. yeah that punani is sweet as. Looks like a flower.
by Dreamcast October 28, 2009

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1.The 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have no offense.

2. Something that is used by someone to make it sound acceptable.
1. Man the Bucs defense played well last week at Wembley but their offense just sucked. They have no offense.

2. No offense Kipper but your sister has the ugliest bitch i've ever seen. You'd have to be totally wasted to take a ride on her.
by Dreamcast October 29, 2009

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The greatest video games console ever made. Ahead of it's time, heck it offered online play in 1999. Offered great games such as Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Virtua Tennis 1 and 2, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom and of course introduced us to the NFL 2K series. Sony said that the ps2 was better, many believed it and bought the ps2. The ps2 was not better than the Dreamcast, but because of Sony's bullshit lies, Sega no longer makes consoles and are a shadow of their former selves. Long live the Sega Dreamcast.
Timmy: Remember the Sega Dreamcast?
John: Yeah that thing is like mad old, the ps2 murdered it.
Timmy: Dreamcast was better
John: No it wasn't sony told me so
Timmy: Just play some Dreamcast now
John: Fuck me i was wrong, sony lied... the Dreamcast is fucking amazing.
by Dreamcast October 28, 2009

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An annoying thing that comes up on twitter search when someone uses 's.

1. a poonie poonie poon's

twitter: a poonie poonie poonapos;re
by Dreamcast October 28, 2009

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A woman's vagina.
Mooka took it up her shnooka.
by dreamcast October 28, 2010

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blitz: the league II
i was playing blitz: the league II and got so pissed off when i threw a pick, i became a controller thrower.
by Dreamcast March 31, 2009

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