2 definitions by Draz'Andant

1. Noun. The animal of the bird variety, difficult to ctch without help. Tastiest variety is the mallard.

2. A collective noun reffering to a group that occurs when an indivdual moongoose meets one or more of its kind.(Having researched all possibilities this seems by far the most logical)
1. He's a one armed duck fucker (see dumbland)

2. Look over there! There's some a duck.
by Draz'Andant July 15, 2003
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1. A mysterious being froma higher plane of existence that for reasons known only to him self utilizes his incredible powers only over the interent and in online games.

2. A sadistic form of torture involving the appliance of an exotic fuit to each an every orrifice at speeds exceding 50 mphs.
1. What the hell is the deal with The Immortal Mango?

2. police suspect the victim was killed by ritual application of The Immortal Mango.
by Draz'Andant July 14, 2003
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