n. 1. a house or home. 2. people.
"So I was like 'moongoose?', and Reggie was like 'yeah', I was like 'so?', and Frank was all you know, and they were so, like, yeah." "Er, what?"
by Rich December 08, 2004
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The eccentric lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy. Has garnered a reputation for being somewhat of a prima donna offstage, but his track record of giving amazing performances in front of crowds cannot be discounted. Once, in July 2002, got into a fistfight with a senior citizen on stage and ran away, leaving the geriatric old man to destroying expensive sets of cymbals and guitars. In early 2004, filmed a commercial endorsing the energy drink YJ Stinger. Heavily rumored to be the same person as WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, but no evidence has proven such a claim up to this point.
"Love me or hate me, daddy-- Moongoose McQueen and Fozzy are HUGE rock stars!"
by Nicky J April 20, 2004
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