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A horrendous rip-off The Beatles that was mentioned in Wayne’s World.
David: What is your favorite band?
Joe: I like The Sh*tty Beatles.
David: We ain’t friends anymore.
by Dray’s Dictionary April 02, 2020
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An acronym for ‘What on God’s green earth’ or ‘why on God’s green earth’
They made The Emoji Movie instead of The Popeye movie. WOGGE were they thinking?
by Dray’s Dictionary September 11, 2020
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To be in a situation where you screwed something up when your parents weren’t around and you know they will yell at you when they find out. Same could apply with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Oh no, I broke my mom’s lam! I am so yell bound!
by Dray’s Dictionary February 22, 2021
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