2 definitions by Dragon Slayer 741

A phenomenon in which an online interaction devolves into stupid, outlandish, and otherwise nonsensical rhetoric as each participant attempts to outdo the other person with increasingly inane or absurd fallacies/observations. Leading to a scenario in which the conversation becomes more and more insane or nonsensical as it progresses.
I was in a comment section where this debate about geopolitics went from cordial to the one person accusing the other of trying to marry his dad. How did that even happen?
Dude, that's the Infinite Retard Loop.
by Dragon Slayer 741 December 28, 2021
When you do something clumsy or embarrassing (like tripping) and attempt to play it off as purposeful even though everyone around knew it wasn't.
Larry unsuccessfully tried to Jones his friends after tripping over his shoelace and falling into a gate.
by Dragon Slayer 741 October 10, 2017