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the adjective form of "nub". Describing a person or event as a nub.
"man! that was so nuby!!111"

"that kid is nuby."

"zin is soo nuby."
by Dr. Pwn May 16, 2003
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when you get hit, knocked, pushed, or pwnt in the back while sitting down or standing up by a huge, ugly toph who is trying to get thru.
"omg i jus got tophed in the back."
by Dr. Pwn May 24, 2003
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a very strong person. close to a "mon", but not usually mean. they usually have long, black hair. a fat person can be a burl, assuming some of the stuffing is muscle.
"omg look at that burl"

"huge burl over there"

"aanald schvatz is a burl"
by Dr. Pwn May 30, 2003
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This annoying, quiet, untrustworthy, ungrateful, ignorant, indian ball sukin while curry sniffin BASTARD. Also, it plays waay too much G.B. (a korean game even tho hes indian), and speaks with this quiet, almost uninteligable indian accent. What kind of name is Gute anyway??
1.)Oh, look...its gute and hes playin G.B....wot a surprize...

2.)Gute can dance, dance...gute can dance!!
by Dr. Pwn May 11, 2004
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the pronounceashun that u gotta put for "nub". a small piece of meat. A small or young nub.
"look at that little nublet."
by Dr. Pwn May 17, 2003
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a person who has no clue what's going on. a person who sux at games such as halo or cs. a person who thinks he is pwn but isn't.
"u r a nub at life."

"that nub just got pwnt by a roke."

"zin is a nub."
by Dr. Pwn May 16, 2003
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a type of person that is big(obese), mean, and ugly. Mostly, mons are gym teachers, wearing white sneekers. They are bastards and have no clue wot they r doing. a lady mon is called a "womon".
mon vehicle- a huge vehicle that only mons use. The biggest vehicle uve ever seen.

womon- lady mon

"that ugly mon just caused a 12-person pile up in the hall."

"that mon made me do 50 push-ups for saying his name wrong."
by Dr. Pwn May 24, 2003
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