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It is true that anyone can be ganting on something at anytime however the true use of the word is in the context of a description of a highly unatractive female.
"oof shes ganting"

"your ma is ganting"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006

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This is a method of wholesale shop lifting. It involves entering an open plan supermarket with a trolley, as if normal shopper, filling the trolley with four cases of beer, numerous bottles of fine wine and what ever grocery items one desires, then proceeding to walk clean out of the shop past the fruit and veg, bypassing all checkouts and neglecting to pay.
The group needs beer, i shall go and asda/tesco price it!

Today I asda/walmart priced my weekly shopping and also more booze than we could possibly drink!.....That was the biggest asda price I have ever done!
by Dr. Poppenstein May 24, 2006

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The art of parking your car directly outside the building you wish to enter.
That was nicley kojaked.
you are very good at kojaking
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006

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A steriotypical type of beatnik- Around 5ft5" in height, black polo neck, black bery, highly groomed triangular goatee beard,possibly smokes a pipe. Concened almost exclusevly with cool jazz he finds conversational attempts with non-wroots to be futile and of no interest.
This term can and has been construed as derogatory to wroots.
also see root
"the wroots downstairs kept me up all night with that cool jazz"

"godamn wroots i'll murder the pair of them"

"fucking wroot"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006

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A Utensil made of brass around 1ft. long with mouthpeace and tapered nossle used for the anal administration of cocain.
Favoured by the brittish royal family in the 18th and 19th century who had servants to blow the cocain through the device.

"Butler, fetch my arse-trumpet"

by Dr. Poppenstein June 10, 2006

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A person who has no regard for anyone or anything, possibly violent and or of low intelligence.
Often people of this ilk seem to use their own regional description, (radgeworks), to address anyone who is in fact not violent or anti-social.
Also, less maliciously, to address members of their peer group.
Used primarily in Edinburgh- East Scotland. Also see (Root).
"oi radgeworks, shut yer fuckin moi"
Do you like (Bellends), i'll (cockslap) you the now radgeworks".
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006

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The same as policy, translation.....what are your intentions?, whits yer pailecy?
sometimes directed at freinds....whats your C.P, central pailicy, the intentions
of a group.
upper middle class edinburgh pailicy/pelicy, catches a tradesman with wife's pants on his head ferociously pulling the head of it.. whits yer pailicy man, wit do you thing yer doing.
i'm trying to enyoy a glass of sherry with my wife whits yer pailicy man!
by DR. POPPENSTEIN April 09, 2006

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