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A steriotypical type of beatnik- Around 5ft5" in height, black polo neck, black bery, highly groomed triangular goatee beard,possibly smokes a pipe. Concened almost exclusevly with cool jazz he finds conversational attempts with non-wroots to be futile and of no interest.
This term can and has been construed as derogatory to wroots.
also see root
"the wroots downstairs kept me up all night with that cool jazz"

"godamn wroots i'll murder the pair of them"

"fucking wroot"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
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a local Canadian variation of the word w00t that is used to emphasize a extremely exciting statement .
I live in Canada! Wroot Wroot!
Wroot Wroot eh!
by SilverCitySurfer February 03, 2010
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