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FTW is an acronym that is commonly used by white supremacist, biker gangs, and social outcasts. It has many different interpretation depending where you stand on the ladder of society.

1. White supremacists interpretation of FTW is "Forever Trully White", indicating white pride. It's used as a billboard showing the world their belief that they are the "pure" blood. It is used by many racist gangs such as Skinheads, AB, NLR, etc. They usually will have "FTW" tattooed in a vesible area such as the hands/knuckles, forearms and neck.

2. The social outcasts, such as punks n' skins, (meaning the none racist skin which came out of the punk rock scene and originally trived in the ska and reagae scen) have a much different interpretation of the acronym FTW. To them it represents the ultimate fuck everyone. Used as sign of independence, and backed by the words "Fuck The World" which can be taken in many ways.

A. The first as in fuck societys rules, I'll live my life my own way, with true freedom.

B. And the second interpretation is that you just don't give a fuck about the world, nothing that doesn't directly affect you matters and if it does affect you it still doesn't matter, you just don't give a fuck about the world, therefore their mentality is,fuck em' all. Also used by a Psychobilly band Tiger Army in song titled "FTW" on the album TIGER ARMY II: POWER OF MOONLITE
released by Hellcat Records on July 24, 2001.

3. Also used by many bikers and biker gangs as a sign of rebelion. Used by gangs such as The Hells Angels. They also have a two part interpretation,to the bikers it means:

A. Forever Two Wheels, indicating that your a biker tell you die.

B. Also "Fuck The World" is the second (or first, however you want to look at it) meaning behind FTW. Since bikers traditionally are outcasts of society. Forced to do things on their own, they have developed a stong since of independence and not haveing to answer to anyone makes them free. Since these outcasts tend to lack communication and people skills that are required to function in society they develop a hatred for the world that doesn't understand them.

FTW is commonly used as marking of gang affilation.

Can also mean many otherthing to many other people and here is a list

Florida Tax Watch
Free The World
Fight To Win
For The Win
Future Technology Workshop
For The World
Free The Whales
Families That Work
Feel The Wind
First Time Wreck
Forget The World (A more polite way to say "Fuck The World". Could also hold alternate meaning if analyzed further)
example 1 - I hate everything, FUCK THE WORLD nothing matters

example 2 - (Farewell)
Biker A: Later, always ride hard and stay forever two wheels brother
Biker B: See you on the road, forever two wheels.
by Down n' Out Social Wreck March 9, 2005
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The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) originated in San Quentin prison in 1967. Originally the AB was established to provide protection for the whites from the black and hispanic groups, specifically the Mexican Mafia. Some of the original AB members came from a 1950's gang called the "Bluebirds." Other names used for the AB were the "Diamond Tooth Gang" and the "Nazi Gang".
The sign of the AB is a shamrock, the letters AB, and three sixes. They will generally have this tattooed somewhere on there body. Only members of the AB are permitted to wear the "brand" of the gang; individuals found to be wearing the tattoo without consent of the AB are subject to death. Since prison admistrators use tattoos to identify gang members the AB has prohibited members from displaying their AB specific tattoos. As a result many memebers have disguised their tattoos. The AB practices a religion called Odenism which is the ancient religion of the Vikings. They use the Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings within the prison and to conduct criminal activity. The Brotherhood, which has members in prisons throughout the United States, exhibits an intense hatred of Blacks and Jews, and reportedly engages in extortion, drug operations, prostitution, and violence in prisons. And has strong ties to a shadow gang the Nazi Low Riders

ang members by their tattoos and have prohibited members from displaying AB specific

tattoos. As a result, many members have removed or disguised their AB tattoos. The AB is using the Odinist religion to conduct gang meetings

and disguise illicit business practices.
If your white and in prison then Aryan Brotherhood can help you out with protection
by Down n' Out Social Wreck March 9, 2005
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