An asian gang formed in the 1990's defending themselves from other gang members. Originally from Chicago, Illinois. Appears to be somewhat organized.

Rivals: Black Tigers

Location: Illinois, Massachusetts, California

Allies: Bloods from Murda Mass and Cali

Alias: BS, 219, 1356, Shadows, Black G's

Appears to be on the rise.
Crips: who the fucc is those niggas roccing tha blacc
Shadows: POP POP POP! nigga fucK the cKripz ebk all day
black shadow gang nigga!
by Black 19'z G March 22, 2008
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Shadow Gang, organization founded and led by JUNSIK. Rival of the Asu & toilet gang. This gang was created to figth back against gr 7. 0 victory 10 losses. Cant even face pooorwangg.
junsik: shadow gang!!
charleon: lets fight these cunts
wang: come pussy
junsik: hehe jk man
by welovemsdesi April 14, 2021
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