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the rating of which the ability to smack a big ass with one hand on one cheek and feel and catch the vibration on the other cheek with the your other hand. Ultimately the best asses should be able to send the vibration back to the hand that originated the slap. These happen to be the best booties for slap back.
Damn son! You know that Ashleigh got that slap back for real.
by Douggie Fresh March 18, 2008

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A girl who goes from guy to guy just for the hell of it. Also pigeons will scavenge for anything and are known to be the homeless beggars of the bird world, so a dick pigeon will go for any dick. Some would call this a whore but Dick Pigeon sounds more interesting.
Wow that girl up on the fourth floor is such a dick pigeon
by Douggie Fresh February 11, 2008

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One who is well versed in the art of being a smartass. A very mean spirited person like Ebenezer Scrooge.
Wow dude, Catherine is such a Hajdukovich!
by Douggie Fresh September 27, 2007

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The act of cumming on a girl so that it appears as though she has spider webs hanging off of her.
Goddamn man! I gave Catherine a kick ass Spiderman last night! She made my spidey senses tingle!
by Douggie Fresh September 27, 2007

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