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Meme used when using an absurdly strong move in a game, particularly when spamming it. It is typically in a hack & slash game but can also be used in other games like fighting games or Ultrakill
Hakita: "V2 can now shoot your coins. This mechanic was added to prevent coin spam"

Ultrakill community: "I'm not gonna sugarcoat it." RMB + F
by DoubleDickDan July 7, 2023
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what pirates say after winning
Pirate 1: "Yarg, ye beat me in coconut ball!"
Pirate 2: "l + plundered + no wenches + marooned + ye have scurvy"
by DoubleDickDan February 10, 2022
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Someone says "megapause" when someone unknowingly says/makes a double entendre.
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins: "If you're gonna play like that, you better have shockwaves to finish the job. Because if that guy had shockwaves after he railed me like that from behind..."

Twitch Chat: "MegaPause"
by DoubleDickDan July 6, 2023
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When a game dev/ company fucks up a update to balance something.
Person 1: Bro, Epic games increased the fire rate of the pump. As if it wasnt oppresive enough.
Person 2: That's a certified Riot Moment.
by DoubleDickDan May 14, 2022
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