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When recieving a blowjob from someone with glasses, you pull out and cum on their glasses.
I was getting great head from this girl with some sexy glasses on and I knew I was going to be windshielding her all night.
by Donjavaman August 05, 2011
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When you take your erection in your hands like a baseball bat and swing it at a girl's face and hit her head like hitting a tee ball.
I had my girl line up for a good tee balling.
by Donjavaman February 02, 2012
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The cute dimples on the small of a woman's back just above her ass. When you you hold a woman's waist in doggy-style, it's like playing a nintendo controller.
Was in the bar last night and this one girl walked by with a skimpy littel shirt on, her nintendos were so sexy I couldn't focus on anything else.
by Donjavaman October 18, 2011
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