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Fallen police officer Deidre Mengedoht’s name was Wrongly pronounced as Deedee Megadoodoo, Rest In Peace Deidre
News Woman: hundreds gather today to say their final goodbyes to this fallen Louisville police officer Deedee Megadoodoo. I'm sorry...
by Don’t f with me I’m gay 4 U January 24, 2020

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A talentless person that has gained fame for showing how they live their lives, (for some they just show how rich they are) the vlogger will often use clickbait to trick us into their boring content,
Vlogger 1: Hey man that was some good man on man action, as fun as the 3 minutes was I gotta go vlog for my 8 year old fans.

Vlogger 2: alright man don't forget to show them how rich we are, I'll be waiting for your 1 inch anus destroyer ;)
by Don’t f with me I’m gay 4 U August 17, 2019

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