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Type 1 Senioritis:
Most common form of "senioritis" and most contagious.
It tends to manifest itself when a fourth year high school student is half way through the first semester, waiting for winter vacation. This may last till graduation

symptoms within the student:

1. Lack of homework completion
2. Procrastination through reasoning

a."Fck it, I can pass the class without these last homework assignments";

b."Ill do it tomorrow before homeroom"
*tomorrow comes, home room ends*
"Ill do it during my free"
*fails to do homework during free, free ends*
-fails to hand in homework
"Ill do it tonight, and hand it in tomorrow..I'll still get some points"
(cycle repeats).

3. Last Minute Cramming
4. Student often questions him/her self if they actually have senioritis, yet they blame
all shortcomings on it.
5. Wasting time on Facebook, Myspace or even World of Warcraft(more severe)
6. Increase in the use of Slang
7. Increase in Sexual Activity (heterosexual , masturbation, massive orgyprom,etc)

Type 2 senioritis:
This form of senioritis can be found among students who boast higher averages, or those who just have more of an inclement workload. This type of senioritis is rather complicated, resulting in the student suddenly having a complacent attitude toward assignments that are not as urgent to be completedNOT as in AP/College/Honors assignments.
It can be visa-versa
resulting in the student completing all of the less difficult assignments, and neglecting more rigorous academic activities.
This type of senioritis usually manifests itself through the influence of seeing another (of less academic standing) neglect schoolwork, and yet manage to pass with high 70's to mid 80's.

symptoms -
1. All of the symtoms of Type 1 Senioritis
2. The accumulation of "Journal Entries" and/or "Articles" to complete at the conclusion of a quarter/semester
3. A complacent attitude resulting in the lack of motivation to conclude sentences on a Test/Homework
4. A lack of rechecking work, or revisions
5. Taking days off from school
6. Copying homework assignments ( also can be type 1)
7. Involuntary hallucinations of being unfettered by the fruits of Graduation Day, albeit the school year may be coming to an end.
8. Counting the days till Graduation.
9. Not studying for ANYTHING

Type 3 senioritis:
This is the culmination of complacency and academic neglect. This can only succeed Type 1 (rarely) or Type 2 senioritis. At this point, the unfortunate student loses all academic fervor and perception on the purpose of education. There is no cure for this type of senioritis.

common expressions of a student suffering from type 3 senioritis:

Most likely a student suffering from this type of senioritis will end up dropping out of school, right before failing all classes.
Some fortunate sufferers of Type 3 still get to graduate, but will not actually ATTEND graduation..or prom. (Also usually having to attend summer school)
Type 3s' are more prone to having there College acceptances revoked,having all their dreams crushed of being a fully matriculated college student that drinks heavily and act out scenes from college movies like Accepted
Type 3's are more prone to working in fast-food restaurants.

symptoms (all of the above syptoms PLUS)

1. All of the above.
2. Living on Social Networking sites.
3. Dropping out of school
4. Failure to complete financial aid
5. Physical abuse of other peers who are more accomplished (ex. got accepted)
7. Procreation

1. Request your parents to unexpectedly punch you in the face, the next time they see you procrastinating.
2. Sky diving while looking at a bad report card.
3. Head Automatica- Graduation Day
4. Apply Vix Vapor Rub while attempting to do homework.

People don't tend to usually see these benefits till college. If they survive senioritis.

1. Proficiency in re-arranging copied papers/essays.
2. Expertise in Forging signatures.
3. Immunity towards future senioritis
4. Alarmingly efficient time management (pun intended)
5. Mastery of Social Networks & Search Engines.

One of the most common examples of senioritis:

"Ill do it tomorrow before homeroom"
*tomorrow comes, home room ends*
"Ill do it during my free"
*fails to do homework during free, free ends*
-fails to hand in homework
"Ill do it tonight, and hand it in tomorrow..I'll still get some points"
(cycle repeats).
by Domrogv3 April 6, 2009
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