derived from "inclement" meaning: showing no clemency; unmerciful, rough, harsh; extreme, severe...most often used to describe weather.

in- not
+ clementem `mild'
+ -ic having the quality of
+ -ity state of, power to
"After throwing disk, the M-Town Ultimate crew decided it was time to drink hot chocolate and bitch about the inclementicity of the weather"
by jjaffe December 18, 2004
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"Inclement weather" means unpleasant weather, which is stormy, rainy, or snowy weather. However, the phrase inclimate weather often is mistakenly used when the speaker really means "inclement" weather.
Amos: This is the coldest summer we have had on record. We need to do something about anthropogenic climate change.

Ignore Amos: Dude, there ain't no global warming! It's colder than usual this week, and don't you remember that inclimate weather we had this winter? That was cold, too!

Amos: Anthropogenic climate change does not mean just global warming. It also includes unseasonably cooler weather due to the melting of the polar ice caps. Furthermore, cold weather in the winter is not inclimate weather. I think "inclement weather" is what you meant to say.
by Biff Skippy February 9, 2010
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Someone who only accesses the internet during periods of foul weather.
If it's nice outside, you won't find me surfing the net. I'm strictly an inclement webber.
by poppilopo June 13, 2009
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