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Black and white makeup worn mostly by black metal bands. It depicts a corpse-like appearance, hence it's name.
Less extreme examples of corpsepaint are Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem.
More extreme examples are Behexen and Gorgoroth.
by DomSathanas October 28, 2007
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One of the pioneer bands of the now infamous black metal style "Finnish Filth", along with Barathrum, Horna, Impaled Nazarene, and Behexen. The line-up consisted of Nuclear Holocausto on vocals and guitar, Black Jesus on bass, and Sodomatic Slaughter on drums. The band released a handful of demos between 1990-'91, but it was when "Oath of Black Blood" was released that the band got the recognition they deserved. In '93, they released their most famous album, and one of the cornerstones of progressive black metal, titled "Drawing Down the Moon". Shortly after, Holocausto lost interest in black metal, and started creating dark ambient and electronica, which he refered to as "ritual music". He released "H418ov21.C" in '94, which was totaly electroic, but had the black metal atmosphere to it."Electric Doom Synthesis" was released in '95, and it was also an electronica album. The last two albums released were the the "Werewolf Blood & Semen" in '98 and split with Archgoat in '99. Holocaust ended the band by releasing a compilation titled "Beast of Beherit - Complete Workxxx".
Beherit should be more appreciated in the black metal underground
by DomSathanas September 14, 2008
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