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When a man lends a sympathetic ear to a woman immediately after a break up in order to sleep with her.

To feign empathy and/or compassion for a chick, often for a period of days or even weeks, who has recently had a girl-crisis in order to fuck her.

When a man is emotionally unavailable but sexually available to a girl who is going through a hard time.
Jonh: Dave, where the fuck have you been? I haven't seen you in days.

Dave: Oh, sorry dude. Amy just broke up with her boyfreind and I'm giving her a penis to cry on.

John: Just make sure your intentions are clear enough so that shit doesn't back fire and you end up in the Freind Zone. (i.e. she understands that she will have to start putting out in order to continue to get the loving care she so desperately needs)
by Doctor Bliss December 02, 2011
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An extremely young girl one is sexually attracted to.

Unlike a barely legal chick who lure men to incarceration with hot, nubile, tight, young bodies (see jailbait), a girl that is considered hellbait is so young that, if one were to fuck her, one would definitely go to hell.
D: Why the fuck are you watching a children's pageant on cable?
J: I can't help it, one of them looks just like Jonbenet.
D: Turn that hellbait shit off you sick fuck!
by Doctor Bliss December 02, 2011
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A pejorative term for GOD.

A name for God that implies his/her/its tendency to use violence to get his/her/its way.
* Origninally coined by Tim Minear/Joss Whedon
If you jerk-off, the sky bully will blinnd you.

Virginia state delegat Bob Marshal (gasp, a republican) told people that, if you get an abortion, the sky bully will punish you by making subsequent children disabled. (what did the child do?)
by Doctor Bliss December 02, 2011
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