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Man 1: I'm doin it with your wife.
Man 1: Dad, I peed my pants...I'm sorry..
Man 2: Son, that's Bolshevik Revolution... Ass hole.
by Doctor Bananas April 13, 2008
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tight, cool, awesome, etc..

(This is off of South Park)
Man 1: Hey bro, I got you some whataburger.
Man 2: Aw tits man, thanks!
by Doctor Bananas April 13, 2008
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Anything that's anything. Can be a substitute for any word.
Ennis joslin derived from a road sign that was driven past in Corpus Christi, TX, 1973 when a young lad named Jlaw said "I'm just joshin with you," to which another lad by the name of BRT immediately replied "I'm just ennis joslin' with you," with an emphasis on ennis joslin' like no other. From that moment forward the lads began to replace different words or phrases with "ennis joslin." An example of this would be "Ahh, I'm ennis joslin' all over myself right now." The lads later determined that ennis joslin could be used for any verb on planet earth, but later discovered that ennis joslin could be used for any word at all. So what could ennis joslin be classified as you ask? Is it a noun? A verb? An antecedent or a demonstrative pronoun? There's only one possible solution - It's an ennis joslin, which could be defined as the following: anything anybody wants it to be. It is the most scrumtralescently beautiful ennis joslin ever conceived by human beings.
by Doctor Bananas April 13, 2008
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I'm drunk, I'll worry about it in the mornin.
Any time your drunk, and something goes wrong, the proper attitude to have is to continue to have a good time that night and just worry about the problem in the morning. The degree of drunkeness is directly proportional to the degree of the problem that is deffered to the next morning. Example: If your just a little tipsy and somebody burns their face off in a freak gasoline-fight accident, you take the nigga to the hospital and you worry about the shit at that time, but if your really fucked up and your good passes out in the woods and you think they die, but your too drunk to care so you leave him by himself way ass out in the fuckin woods passed out and as far as you know, dead.... but you justify it as ok cuz you're drunk... you'll worry about it in the morning (Classic Regerian Philosophy)
by Doctor Bananas April 13, 2008
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It's whataburger.
Man 1: Let's go to McDonald's
Man 2: Na bra i feel like Wendy's
Man 1: F that, guy I gotsta have my Mickey D's!
Man 2: Alright, whataburger dude I don't f-in' care.
by Doctor Bananas April 13, 2008
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