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slang for a cigarette progression from cigarette to Cig, cigweno, cigwens, to gweno, to gwen
"hey bro u got an extra Gwen on u"
by DocJulz October 25, 2007
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shortman syndrome who usually wears all black, drives a big truck, lives in the 909 or Riverside. dirt bikes and loves Deegan. Fleshgear losers and lots and lots of Slipknot, and ICP. usually attached to a plastic barbie lookin dumb blond
check out that donkey! what a fuckin fag
by DocJulz October 25, 2007
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like using the "Force". used when cop is pulls u over hammered and u handle it. also keeping a straight face while being searched or driving hammered and not vearing out of lanes. Basically handling the situation.
i drank a half pint of vodka, went to re-up, got pulled over and didnt get a DUI...thus hood-mentality...
Sobering up when it is crucial
by DocJulz October 25, 2007
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