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Dick sucking lips
that girl has D.S.L's
by Diggity February 02, 2004

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All of the bad words combined together... can be used in any context. The sign for "zurp you" is not the middle finger but the pinky finger.
What the zurp!?
Zurp you!
Go zurp yourself!
Wow, you look so fucking zurpy today!
Shut the zurp up, you mother zurper!!
by diggity May 07, 2005

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Off-market trading
I just asked for a price and got linkowskied.
by diggity April 10, 2003

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N. Terminalogical Exactitude
"I completely was going to be fuckin this one bitch right? But then all of a sudden, all this 206underground started poppin up about her best friend being my baby's mama."
by Diggity December 11, 2003

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