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Indluging in sexual penetration in a caravan , usually fixed base. This is a poor mans but probably more enjoyable alternative to the mile high club equivalent.

Eh Doris - do you fancy joining the yard high club at cleethorpes this weekend after we have been dogging on th coastal path?
by Dicky Mint February 26, 2017

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1) A 70s rock star formerly known as Paul Gadd and Paul Raven, probably the best live artist ever, who had a proclivity for under age girls, the Leader no more

2) Cockney Rhyming slang for Bitter

3) Cockney Rhyming slang for Shitter
1) I always do my high intensity spin class to Rock and Roll part One written by Mike Leander & Gary Glitter.
2) Landlord I'll have two pints of cooking lager & a pint of Gary Glitter please.

3) She was aching for it last night me I gave her the Essex Handshake and the waiter took her up the Gary Glitter while she was astride me.
by Dicky Mint February 05, 2020

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Disabled car parking spaces (etymology - Spaz or spazz is a diminutive of Spastics).

Doris the car park is full I'll have to park in one of those dozen empty spazz slots.
Spaz slots or Spazz slots)
by Dicky Mint February 26, 2017

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