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A morbidly obese person who makes no effort to get in shape or lose weight. Often seen carrying fast food bags containing an inhuman amount of greasy cheeseburgers. Omphinators likely will need to remove their pants before commencing a physical altercation due to the fact that they find it difficult to rotate, bend, or wrestle wearing fabric which was never intended to contain a baby-whale sized frame. Have been known to have problems descending stairs because their knees can't support their weight and will buckle causing a priceless comedic situation for onlookers.
Holy fuck Ricky did ya see the gut on Randy? Swear he's gettin bigger everyday.

Sure did Bubbles, omphinator better quit drivin' cheeseburgers in there before he has a fucking heartamattack!
by Dicklestix April 16, 2014

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Slang for "Raccoon"; most commonly used in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, and other close surrounding hick-laden areas.
1) I shot that Raken in the ass with a bow and it fell out of the tree, but when it came down I had to wipe the Raken-juice off my arrow so that I didn't get rabies.

2) I heard a wild Raken latched onto Keith's pantleg and he had to kick it off.

3) Fucking Rakens keep ripping my garbage apart looking for snax.
by Dicklestix October 31, 2010

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