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A Playa can be male or female and by definition be good at the game they play i.e. playing men or woman to get what they want. The man or woman leads on multiple people of the oppisite sex into thinking there is a long term relationship in proccess, when in reality they are just using them for the beneficial purpose of becoming a legend. Both males and females are capable of becoming a playa whether it be through sex, making out, or just plain old hooking them into a relationship and using them for money or whatever else they might need. Keep in mind a playa does not actually have to be dating someone to be considered a player they must just have you hooked and wanting more(tagged).
Man that bitch was with two other guys while she was leading me on. She is a true playa, too bad she got caught cause damn she was hott.

That dick head was with two other girls while he was leading me on. He is a true playa, too bad he got caught.
by Dezarae March 15, 2005

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b2b - back to back
brb - be right back
used often in online messenger
i will brb, i have had b2b phone calls all day.
by DEZARAE June 07, 2004

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arrogant little fuck
Ben thinks he is so perfect, he is such an ALF.
by DEZARAE June 07, 2004

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