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Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. Most often english words are misspelled with the letter 'R' in place of 'L' leading to the name engrish.
Engrish comes from other countries besides Japan, although not usually as abundant or amusing.
Engrish.com supplies a regular assortment of hilarious engrish mistakes.
Examples of engrish:

-A sign put up during an election reads: "Erection in progress"

-Construction sign: "Today is under construction"

-Hotel directory: "Front Robby, Loom Service..."
by Devick September 12, 2009

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A motorcycle styled personal watercraft built by AquaJet Corporation, although no longer being manufactured.
The Jetbike features dual-steering and high draft design for true motorcycle like handling.

Most commonly, however, jetbike is misused to describe personal watercraft of the water-jet propulsion type.
Do you have a seadoo, jet ski, or jetbike?
by Devick September 12, 2009

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