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A person who's existence is so annoying to you that you must define them by using a word that's as ridiculous as their presence on Earth.
Mr. Brady is such a flumple-dump, his father should have pulled out.

Hey Sergeant Lombard, you're a flumple-dump.
by DesertDog April 20, 2010
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A fat girl who can't turn down sex due to frequent rejection in normal circumstances, and ends up sleeping with any guy desperate enough to proposition a sexual encounter.
Hey where's Amy? She's at the Doctor again. That slutopotamos got chlamydia from sleeping with all those guys last week.

Jen, just because I don't sleep with every guy I meet doesn't mean you have to be a slutopotamos and sleep with them behind my back.
by DesertDog April 27, 2010
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noun- a girl or guy that has sex with many partners without remorse, as an autonomous machine.
Dude, John is on his third girl this week, what a Ho-bot.

Jen, you've slept with five guys this month, you're such a Ho-bot.
by DesertDog April 20, 2010
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A super mega-hottie. A girl so beautiful you have to use a derogatory sounding word to make her beauty more dramatic.
Goddamn, look at that stunch, she's perfect.

Man she was more than a dime, this girl was a stunch.
by DesertDog April 20, 2010
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