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The Law which involves the 10 Point Scale. It simply states that the number which you would be blow into a breathalyzer (say, 0.08) during a night of drinking will directly influence the numerical value you can add to a woman's score.

For example, if she was a 7.0 on your scale, and you blew a 0.10, you can add 1.0 point to the scale , and she will become a 8.0, without a dispute by other friends.
"Dude who the fuck did you go home with last night?"

"I don't know man, I woke up sober next to a 4.5 and almost lost it."

"Fuckin' Selma's Law!!"

by Derik August 31, 2005
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An expression used to show a sense of certain dread in the morning after a night of drinking/partying. The "6" refers to an adequate score the 10-point scale for judging female attractiveness.

A 6.0 is respectable. In all honesty, you're hoping for higher, but a 6.0 you can bring back to the dorm without losing respect.

Nonreligious incantations include "Hopin' for a 6."
"Yo dude, get any girls or numbers tonight at the club?"

"Yeah man, but only one. Prayin' for a 6!!"
by Derik August 30, 2005
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The Bacardi Chills come from drinking Bacardi rum (flavored or Superior/Gold/etc) too fast. Usually only for an instant, they occur once in awhile. Those whom acquire chronic Bacardi Chills need to change their panties drink some beer instead.
"Yo man you cold or something?"

"Nah dude Bacardi Chills."

by Derik September 16, 2005
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Mid-to-upper class socioeconomic culture slang. -aish can be inserted into any word ending in -ation, (ie presentation) to quickly convert it into slang. Usually, once it is used, the next response will also contain an -aish word, and so on.

Originated in Chicopee, Massachusetts.
Kid 1- "Hey did you go to the library to work on your presentaish?"
Kid 2- "Nah, just a little study-room masturbaish."
Kid 1-"Nice man. I gotta go to my Biochem recitaish. And wash your hands, btw."
by Derik September 13, 2005
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Another slang term for saying, "number one," as in when you are outlining a list of reasons of some sort.

Popularized by the single, "Sugar, We're Goin' Down," by Fall Out Boy (which is not their best song on the cd).

Don't be surprised if this doesn't catch on.
Without said insertion...

kid1: "So, why are you going home this weekend...?"

kid2: "#1: because I need to see my family..."

*with slang*

kid1: "So, why are you going home this weekend...?"

kid2: "With a bullet, because I need to see my family..."

kid1: "What?"
by Derik September 19, 2005
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