5 definitions by Depresso-Expresso

A stupid fucking gay, emo, whatever the fuck she is girl.
Person 1: April doesn't shut the fuck up
Person 2 : ikr
by Depresso-Expresso March 30, 2022
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who tf names a kid a month 💀
Person 1 - Bro, Annie named her kid January 💀
Person 2 - Bro 💀
by Depresso-Expresso April 4, 2022
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An insult, to something or somebody. It means average or below average, usually people mean it as really shitty however.
Person 1 - Have you heard of Jellymid?
Person 2 - Don't even mention her.
by Depresso-Expresso April 4, 2022
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You're kinda gay, can be used for a reason or for no reason at all.
Friend 1: Hey bro, wanna go to the movies later?

Friend 2: IDK thats kinda gay bro
by Depresso-Expresso April 16, 2021
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A joke about a video from the "prince family" (now deleted) about a thumbnail with a mature woman with the dad of the prince family saying "Zamn😍"
Person 1 - She's 12????

Person 2 - Zamn😍
by Depresso-Expresso December 17, 2021
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