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Any great Idea that someone comes up with that occurs while under the influences of Marijuana.
Chris: let's be astronomers Keith!!!!!!
Keith: Why?
Chris: because it sounds funnnnnnnnn
Chris: it's a highdia I just had
by Dennys Menus June 7, 2010
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To blindly follow and support a cause, sports team, religion, protest, political figure, etc. without first looking into it or researching it
Example 1:
Mike: So who did you vote for in this past presidential election??

Jim: I voted for Obama!!

Mike: Why? Was it his promise for change? His economic policies?

Jim: Huh? ohhh no I just did it because everyone else did.

Mike: Jim..dude, stop drinking the kool-aid.

Example 2:

Roxanne: Brian, I've noticed you go to church quite a bit lately, how come??

Brian: Ohhh Roxanne its simple really, if you don't go to church people won't like you.

Roxanne: You know nothing about religion do you? Not one thing...Lemme guess your doing it because you just want people to look at you in a good way?

Brian: Nope not one thing and yup pretty much

Roxanne: Brian.....Stop drinking the kool-aid

Example 3:

Max: Ohhhh my god, why does ESPN always have to talk about Charlie Weis and Notre Dame!?!?!?

Jack: Well he is a decent coach and they are a good team?

Max: Since when?? Weis sucks as a coach and Notre Dame is overrated due to their schedule and pure talent

Jack: Well ESPN says they're good

Max: Stop drinking the kool-aid , get off the bandwagonand take off those rose colored glasses.
by Dennys Menus September 25, 2009
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Four men who makes utterly horrendous noise from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brokencyde (noun): a shrill, excruciating, high-pitched sound, often confused with the sound of two cats fucking. It will make the deaf cry, babies want to crawl back inside their mothers, it will turn men into serial killers, and often puts chills down your spine. At first all you can do is laugh, but after 30 seconds you often find yourself with a face of such horror that you will literally run away screaming to the kitchen where you will tear out your eyes, ears and throat with a salad fork and pour acid down your throat to help 'take away the pain'.
Jim: Hi mike

Mike: Hey Jim how's it goin'?

Jim: Not good, could you come over later and help me pour hot boiling acid down my throat and face?

Mike: WHY?!!??!?!!?!

Jim: I was forced to listen to Brokencyde

Mike: Oh..No problem, want to just do it now?
by Dennys Menus October 1, 2009
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Term used by people in Florida to describe a strong and nasty thunderstorm.
Hey mike, I can't come over right now, I got a frog-strangler going on outside and it has the road in front of my house closed.
by Dennys Menus September 27, 2009
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