Alex Deleon is the lead singer of the fueled by ramen band, The Cab. Deleon is sometimes refered to as "singer" since there are three people in the cab named alex. Singer has the voice of an angel, mixed with a little boy band flare. In the past, Deleon was linked to Disney Darling Demi Lovato. For now he is back with his former girlfriend and bears her promise ring. He has recently taken to wearing one glove at all times, much to the ridicule of fbr_trash. Deleon spills his heart on his blog, where he can often come off as ignorant or arrogant, but never forget Deleon is a tiny little guy with a heart bigger than his mole!
Is that a backstreet boys cd?

Oh no, that Alex Deleon!
by DemiLov March 20, 2009
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