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A Hackball is usually a person absent from morals and is frequently seen enjoying breakfast with a can of Hackenberg
That Ger fella is nothin only a Hackball, I seen him down the canal with a tray of Hack!!!
by Deedong July 23, 2009
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Source = "Annual American Doctors Journal(AADJ)"--

"To be this state means to be self medicating to a point where the mind picks up its bags and f@*ks off for a couple off hours, and in some severe cases days. Commonly know substances are found to be - yokes, sniff(a bag). Most documented cases occur between the hours of 5 o clock on Fridays and 9 o clock Monday morning.---Side effects can be your best friend telling you "Deirdre Barlow is getting chased by a load of aboringinies across Australia" and " Himilayan Joe shephards sheep on the side of the sugar loaf for a packet of custard creams......thats right isnt it????". If you notice any of these side effects there is a high percentage you or your friend are madoudavit."
"Whats Philly doin talkin to his bird and she's not even here?

Ah he's madoudavit!"
by deedong July 23, 2009
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