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Reminiscent of something one would experience on a trip on a psychedelic substance. acid, shrooms, salvia, maybe even skunk weed (hey you smoke enough of that...). Can be used in reference to sights such as one would see (patterns, fractals, M.C. Escher, Robert Crumb cartoons), music that evokes feelings of trippin', even heady thoughts similar to ones one would think of while tripping.

Ok seriously if you haven't tripped, you haven't tripped and you don't know what it's like. Period. There should be a law against kids throwing the word "trippy" around like candy, except that it's not like millions of americans follow every single law anyway, felonies be damned. Actually I follow the law and I don't smoke marijuana, just clean, healthy tobacco.... Whatever.
Dude: Man, like... why do millions of people follow bullshit religions, when like... don't they know they're just making stuff up in their heads? Like... how could anyone think they talk with Jesus in their heads? That's like schizophrenia... man... I don't get some people.
Girl: you may be zonked on shrooms but I dig what you're saying. That's some trippy stuff

Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, Hendrix, all decidedly trippy music

I suppose trippy is a very subjective word

Kid: Man, that Gantz Graf DVD is trippy!
Other guy: Yeah, I kno... wait... since when have you tripped on anything?
Kid: I don't do drugs.
Other guys: ... wtf?
by Dayraven April 27, 2006
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Universally understood by stoners to mean: Here you go.

Usually referring to weed, but can be used in reference to virtually anything.
Matt, Ronan, and Robert are sitting in a car, smoking weed. Matt passes Robert the pipe. Robert takes a hit.

Robert: *cough cough*
Ronan: Oh thanks, dude. (hits it) *cough cough* Here
Matt: Cool... uh... hey, you have the lighter.
Ronon: Oh. *cough cough*
Matt: Thanks. (sparks up)
by Dayraven April 11, 2006
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A car, van, bus, or otherwise four-wheeled vehicle that is decidedly sketchy. These tend to be found in parking lots at night, off in that one far corner in the dark. If you can't walk by it without getting the feeling some strung out tweeker is about to jump out of it and attack you, it's not a true sketchmobile.
A dirty, old Winnebago stationed next to a park at night, under a tree, with little flashes of light and coughing noises coming from the inside.
"Look! It's the sketchmobile!"
by Dayraven June 13, 2006
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