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A Stan: noun. Someone who disregards all people in office in the vacinity and has every conversation at volume 11 - across a broad range of topics, including politics, local sports teams, etc. in addition to actual work topics.

To Stan: verb. To speak loudly, especially when in an office and when its entirely unnecessary.
co-worker: Wow - he is really loud. I feel like I am sitting in his office with him, and I'm down the hall. He has got a Haddadian set of lungs.
me: No kidding. You have to tell me if I ever Stan like that.
co-worker: You know I will - you're not a Stan.
by Davidson314 October 29, 2013
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Something that is grand and palacial.
That house is so big and fancy, its Haddadian. The dress that she is wearing isn't even sold in the US yet - its really Haddadian. The Titanic was a Haddadian ship.
by Davidson314 July 20, 2011
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