17 definitions by Davidch999

When you absolutely have to move your body because the disco is too good!
"Oh brother! Can't stoppa JIGGLE.IN! This disco is too good!"
by Davidch999 June 12, 2013
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When someone forcibly adds you to a Facebook group without asking.
Can someone please explain what this group is about/for as I seem to have been added without being asked

“You've been groupnapped, Sue.”
by Davidch999 July 29, 2013
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The act of celebrating Christmas whilst in denial of Christmas.
“We don't celebrate Christmas. But we do have a big get together, gobble turkey, guzzle wine, hear the Queen's speech, exchange gifts, and watch reruns.”
You're in denoël, dude.
by Davidch999 December 26, 2013
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When you accidentally hit "add to cart" more than once. Then go ahead and buy two instead of one!
I only realised I'd bought 2 in a buy accident after I'd paypal'd.

Ebay ad: selling surplus after buy accident purchase.
by Davidch999 September 14, 2012
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The day that coincides with Christmas Day that no-one, not atheists nor agnostics nor members of other faiths can resist celebrating.
What are you doing on Christmas Day, bro?
I don't celebrate Christmas, dude.
So what're you doing on 25 December, bro?
I'm having a huge Christlessmas lunch, dude. Everyone's invited. Party on!
by Davidch999 December 26, 2013
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Work-shy recipients of state handouts. Combo of "benefits" and "idle".
"It's not worth my while getting a job as I'll lose all my benefits."

Get your benefidle ass to work!
by Davidch999 April 20, 2012
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The throw-away gobbledegook written by companies about themselves on their About Us page.
About Tush
Founded in 1066, we're one of the world's leading sellers of... blah... blah...
by Davidch999 May 29, 2013
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