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shitty ass weed. also known as schwag

cali term i think.
I dont want this stress, it has fuckin seeds! Pass that hydro
by dank November 19, 2003

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Kick ass baseball team that plays in Anaheim, California.
The Angels won the 2002 World Series!
by Dank September 29, 2003

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Used in the media as an acceptable way of saying someone has said the word fuck.
Ted Kopple: "The world is outraged that during the Grammy's this trashmouthed rapper has dropped the fbomb.
by Dank January 28, 2005

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a place to do important online research into what people are eating for lunch, how much water they drink per diem, what the prevailing consensus is on the next Mac OS X version's release date, which shoe they put on first, what the best sport is, whether the Mac really is better than Windows, and other topics of scholarly interest.
"In an independent study, 11 Spymac users preferred mint-flavored gum to bubblegum! Bubblegum sux!"
by dank March 30, 2005

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Variant on dinner.
Time for dinnar.
by dank September 24, 2003

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The person who gave birth to your child. Who you are typically no longer dating / banging.
This one goes out to all of my baby's moma's
by Dank September 09, 2003

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Having to do with being a herb; More than one person as in a species.
All of those fags are Herbavorniforous.

Your so freakin' Herbavorniforous.
by DANK May 27, 2004

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