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A quantity of cocaine or crystal that weighs an eighth of an ounce, hence an "eight ball", which is equivalent to 3.5 grams.
We did an eight ball of blow and danced until ten the next morning.
by Dallasbb June 03, 2005
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Expression to describe when a person or activity has run its course and met its end. Dead. Finished. Done. The expression is thought to have originated from military pilots when reporting from the air the visual status of other planes that had gone down and met their end, and in doing so on the way down or at their final resting place (or both), were often times "upside down" with their wheels pointing up rather than down as they operationally should have been. When seen from high above upside down with belly and wheels pointing up, they were described as they appeared....."tits up".
Hey...are the Cowboys going to the Superbowl or not?

What? No man....they lost last Sunday. It's over. They're tits up dude.
by DallasBB May 09, 2011
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Another code name for cocaine.
Let's do one more line of sally before heading out to the club.
by dallasbb October 20, 2005
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