3 definitions by Daksa

A bush that eveery fortnite player hides in.
Fortnite Nibbas who can't even solo: Quick hide in that Shait Person!!!
by Daksa April 3, 2019
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Someone who did something really annoying and you want to beat up so bad
1: I broke your phone
2: U little Shait Person
by Daksa February 8, 2019
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A state of being in which one is not under the influence of alcohol, however acts like a drugged piece of shit due to tiredness.
John: Did you know... if you pain your room is becomes smaller... but if you paint your house it becomes... bigger?

Mark: What is wrong with this guy?

Peter: Don't worry man, he's just soberly drunk.
by Daksa June 20, 2020
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