Someone who always has conspiracy theories with each and every situation.
Even though he has done his own research and has concluded that the official account of events is either lacking or inaccurate, he is still a conspiracist because he does not believe what the main stream media proclaims to be the truth.
by Mal178 January 29, 2017
Someone who tries to link the smallest things together in a conspiracy theory, and most likely pins pictures of these things on a cork board and runs string between them to fuel the theory
Derek: Hey have you seen John recently?
Connor: Nope, he's been too caught up in his idea that bananas are responsible for lung cancer
Derek: Man he really is a Cork Board Conspiracist isn't he?
by Cantalopian May 3, 2016
Someone who calls themselves a climate change activist, and believes the world is ending all because of a ridiculous idea Al Gore came up with to scare and control the masses using fake data from paid scientific actors. People knew about this when it started, so nobody is falling for it unless they are sincerely foolish. Any real scientist knows it’s a scam and conspiracy.
A Global warming conspiracist tried to convince me the air is going to destroy the planet because I drive to work every day and the earth is flat and so on and whatever else conspiracy theorists come up with.
by Petdragon December 29, 2022