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The act of doing something shady.
To be kniving, plotting, evildooing.
Trying to screw people.
To act like a snake in the grass.
Don was up to his usual snakery.

I am tired of his snakery.

Because of his snakery, I was drunk and lost my car on a stupid bet.
by DONALD GEORGE October 08, 2007

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To take a material possesion and spend a ton of money on it making it out of this world.

To bling the sh#t out of something.
Buy a new Corvette, then give a speed shop $100k to ridiculize it. It will be the fastest thing on 4 wheels.
by DONALD GEORGE November 07, 2007

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1. A violent act of throwing up.

2. Insane crazy projectile vomiting.

3. Sometimes a group of people throwing up, kind of like a chain reaction.
Don't whack down a bottle of Jager before you leave the house. You are asking for Vomulence.

When I was 15, I drank two 22oz. Zimas and ate 2 packs of yodels. I then walked into my friends bathroom and it was just Vomulence fron ceiling to floor. Black vomit everywhere.

That dude just ate 50 hot wings, drank 3 pitchers of beer, and smoked a joint. I am waiting for the Vomulence to ensue.
by DONALD GEORGE January 03, 2008

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A popular term in which Subaru haters call Subarus.

Also the way a Subaru owner refers to his car after getting crappy dyno numbers.
Yo yo yo son, that Slowbaru can't run with my boosted civic.

Oh my god, my Slowbaru was supposed to make 800whp, but only did 261whp on the dyno.
by DONALD GEORGE November 01, 2007

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