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Wiggle Weld is used by the motor industry to repair brush on weld 'properly'.

After a brush on weld, the surfaces are heavily contaminated and cannot accept a propper weld. As a reuslt, the repairer must wiggle weld the area.

This is done by poking the welding torch into the hole, pushing the trigger and rapidly wiggling it about causing lumps of slag to stick at random to the surfaces. Slag, kown for its structural strength, then builds up and gradually fills the hole.

Unlike brush on weld, wiggle weld will generally pass an MOT!
Mechanic:- Some matey has brush on welded this car. Gonna have to wiggle weld it.

MOT Tester:- What the Fuck is that?! A Kin Wiggle weld?! Oh alright then!
by DMIG October 31, 2011
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As the name implies, this is a weld that it brushed on. It is used by the 'clever' DIY'er to 'fix' holes in cars which would otherwise fail roadworthyness test. Brush on weld takes the form of either underseal or seam sealer. Since it is much easier to apply than a proper metal weld, in that it doesnt actually join any metal together, it is within the grasp of most spanner monkeys.
Guy 1:- My car has a hole in the suspension turret and it cant pass its MOT.
Spanner monkey:- I can fix that for you using brush on weld. The MOT man will never know.

Guy 1:- You Fucking Knob Jockey! That brush on weld failed the mot!
by DMIG October 31, 2011
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Verb. To Footle. Footling is voluntarily undertaking a work type task in your own leisure time but in a half arsed or at least, unproductive, way. Footling is enjoyable to the footler, a bit like pottering. Pottering is normally done in a home or leisure environment, where as footling is undertaken in a work environment.

Footle is often used in a derogatory sense to indicate someone is doing a piss poor job of something, or to communicate the lack of importance of a particular job.
"Nevermind painting that, stop footling about and put the fucking fence up"

"Hey dude, what you up to?
Nuthin man, just footling about with these exhausts."

"Dude, did you footle that, or just fuck it up totally?"
by DMIG October 27, 2011
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The IG test can be applied in many circumstances, and is used to insult a gullable and stupid hetrosexual. The IG test is something which you ask the target to take. The IG test is always prefixed with the targets initials. The IG test simply stands for "Is Gay"
David Miller:- OMG, i cant get my car to start.
You:- Well did you check the battery?
David Miller:- Huh?, battery? Huh?
You:- Okay well did you do the DMIG test?
David Miller:- DMIG? Huh? Whats DMIG???
You:- David Miller Is Gay!
by DMIG October 26, 2011
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Used to describe a large but battered male member, the damage to which makes it seem as if it has seen much hands on fighting in an intergalactic conflict. General Calrission, you must withdraw!
Girl 1: Are you gonna take him home tonight?
Girl 2: I was thinking about it......
Girl 1: Well i wouldnt suck him off, he's got an Admiral Ackbar in there!
by DMIG October 31, 2011
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