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Dez is the meaning of all
i wish i was dez
by dez November 11, 2003
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No not one of the Two! He is the best drummer that ever lived. As Gene Krupa once said " There are lots of Great drummer in the world, then theirs Buddy Rich". HES IN HIS OWN LEAGUE
greatest drummer ever!
by Dez March 08, 2005
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every girl is a 1 if you'd fuck her, a zero if you wouldn't.

gets rid of the whole 1 thru 10 rating process..
she' a 1!
by Dez March 15, 2004
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fine body... butter head gotta go!
Did ya peep out da butter head on isle 5?"
by DEZ November 14, 2003
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a word with no meaning
>i have a problem with my gonagonaga
>my gonagonaga is soar
>cheb has a small gonagonaga
by Dez March 16, 2004
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The hippest and coolest new slang to say if you are excited about something.

<originated from da coolest DeZ>
RHYS: dez ur so much funnier then me
DEZ: yayness to the gayness!
by DeZ March 25, 2005
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DeZ was here...
WTF is a len anyway?
by DeZ August 01, 2003
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