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An innocent gorilla that was killed because some stupid mother couldn't keep track of her child.
RIP Harambe.
by D12434132 July 09, 2016

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A death trap that either flies or just goes up for a few minutes and then comes crashing down, killing everyone who was stupid enough to get on it.
I'm not getting on that 737 MAX because I actually value my life.
by D12434132 March 25, 2019

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1. Extremely impressed
2. Shot to death
Did you hear about the guy who saw a really fancy gun and hadn't realized guns could be that fancy?

He was blown away by it.
by D12434132 November 14, 2015

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The part of Los Angeles where BoJack Horseman lives. Formerly known as Hollywood, but BoJack changed its name by stealing the D from the sign to give to Diane Nguyen, which Mr. Peanutbutter took credit for.
I want to visit Hollywoo to see the locations where shows like Horsin' Around were made.
by D12434132 April 21, 2019

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Verb. To not pass a class at SUNY Cortland. Based on the fact that the non-passing grade there is E instead of F.
I was supposed to be graduating this spring, but I eailed one required class so now I have to retake it in the fall.
by D12434132 November 16, 2019

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A cool YouTuber and professional dancer from Barnsley. Known for her cool accent and her line, "Hello you! I hope you're good!" Perhaps best known for the videos of her as Dancing Hermione.
Kelsey Ellison: Hello you! I hope you're good!
by D12434132 March 04, 2019

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A company that thinks they're good at making coach buses but doesn't realize that most people haven't had a leg amputated.
After several hours on a Van Hool coach bus, my left leg was sore from not being able to stretch properly that whole time.
by D12434132 November 27, 2018

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