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From the Scottish Clapshot and British Bubble and Squeak, Clap and Squeak is a version of Bubble and Squeak made with Clapshot as the base.
It is a mashed mixture of carrot, potato, and turnip. Sliced and lightly simmered cabbage and kale are mixed in, then the dish is put into a buttered baking dish. Panko bread crumbs and cheese are put on top and then bake until brown. The namesake of the british dish comes from the sounds it makes in the oven while cooking.
I love a good clap and squeak with my scotch eggs.
by D.isfor.Donut September 18, 2020

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A demeaning sexual gesture involving smearing feces on one's testicles and tea-bagging an individual while they are unaware.
I gave my cheating ex-girlfriend a dirty potato on her birthday.
by D.isfor.Donut September 04, 2018

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