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The love shared between a peice of wood and an artist. One without the other is nothing. When perfectly synched they become the best sport/artform known and understood by few in this giant skatepark called earth.
person: Whos your bestfriend?
skater: Skateboarding.
person: How can your skateboarding be your friend?
skater: You wouldn't understand.
by D-mec July 16, 2006

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A lifestyle that involves being dirty, not caring, and skateboarding. Usually found traveling in groups of 4-5. Often seen wearing various bandannas, thrashed skate shoes, and haggard ass clothing. More than likely they have long hair.
Jordan: Look at those dirtbags skating.

Burton: Those aren't dirtbags, those are Skater Trash.

by D-mec July 16, 2006

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A face often made to show dissapointment or to scare people.
Cecilee: *making charizard face*.

Dylan: Either pretty fuckin pissed, or you just ate some nasty shit.
by D-mec July 16, 2006

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