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a ficticious word created by J.T. of KS

he first coined the phrase when he intended to call someone a douchebag and a faggot at the same time but due to a lapse of intellegence(happens every five minutes) he accidently said douchebaggots

a douchebaggot is on fact someone being a raging "shithead"
JT: OMG, those guys that are beating up that retarded orphan with aborted fetuses are douchebaggots

EVERYONE ELSE: did you just say douchebaggots, your such a fucking dumbass JT
by D-STAR March 30, 2007
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to jerk off sitting indian style with your non-dominate hand a very popular practice in leavenworth/lansing KS
dude, i talked with derek the other day and he told me to carson and i think it changed my life
by D-STAR March 29, 2007
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