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1. In England, joints are rolled with tobacco to help them burn. The tobacco leaks tar, which can cover and burn the smoker's lips and fingers. A roach, in England, is a small piece of cardboard, often torn from the pack of rolling papers, which is rolled and placed into the mouthpiece of the joint. This makes it easier to hold and also makes it possible to smoke the entire joint without the aid of a roach clip.

2. In America, people tend not to smoke joints using tobacco, and what is called a roach in England is termed a filter in America. The roach is the end of the joint which cannot be smoked without a roach clip, because the smoker's fingers would be burnt. The roach contains the most resin and is stronger than the rest of the joint because THC smoke has passed through and settled on it with each inhalation. A roach is often saved and smoked in a joint made from other roaches, which is much stronger than a normal joint.
1. "Put the roach in, I won't smoke without it"

2. "Save the roach, we can smoke it with some others later on"
by Cunny June 07, 2004

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Performing 69 while a woman is on her period. The man ejaculates in the woman's mouth and the two kiss, the menstrual blood and semen mixing to form a beautiful rainbow of colour.
We shared the most beautiful rainbow kiss last night... This girl is really special.
by Cunny January 24, 2005

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Drug used to treat impotence
That guy's a limpdick, he does caverject.
by Cunny September 01, 2004

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A worthless snivelling cunt of a person. The nadir of humanity. The kind of person who gives society a bad name with their complete and total lack of both class and value.
I swear to God, he's such a fucking Nish Nash!
by Cunny March 18, 2004

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To bore someone with conversation that they have absolutely no interest in.
1. Jesus, I got frazzled by Barry a minute ago. He wouldn't stop going on about the Grand National.

2. Sorry, am I frazzling you?
by Cunny May 02, 2005

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