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A Syrian counter-strike 1.6 player who lives in Dubai, known for his immeasurably high skills and tactics. He got banned from many servers in the Middle East as they thought he was hacking/using cheats in the game.
OMG panthy aced again! he's a legend!
by Cspan March 31, 2012
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The age range in your twenties, beginning at 24 and ending at 26. Up until 24 (20-23), you're in your early twenties. After 26 (27-29), you're in your late twenties.
When I hit 24, I had transitioned from my early twenties to my mid-twenties. Then I had a mid-twenties crisis.
by Cspan May 23, 2009
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Noun. An alternative to hissy fit, which is an unreasonable emotional outburst or a short-lived temper tantrum. Used when one wishes to elicit chuckles or confusion from the listening parties. Because people will often respond with, "don't you mean hissy fit?", to which you can say, "no, titty fit, now stop throwing a titty fit about the phrase titty fit". This expression can be likened to when people say things like "stop getting your panties in a wad".
Jason threw a huge titty fit when Carla wouldn't go out with him.

Sarah often throws massive titty fits when things do not go her way.

Mom to daughter: "Stop throwing a titty fit and go do your chores and homework."
by Cspan May 23, 2009
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