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Origin is from ESPN's Pardon the Interrupton

Wilbon makes fun of Kornheiser's "NFL, right or wrong" defense of league policy, no matter how absurd it may be.

1) to blindly defend a rule, decision, or product, soley based on the fact that you're in love with it
"Don't say anything about how shitty AT&T's cell phones are. Bob's a former employee, and he'll bore you to death, defending the shield"

"Someone brought up Mike Vick, then Pat jumped in, and started defending the shield. He must be Roger Goodell's cousin"
by Crazy Savages October 08, 2009
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Acronym for "What Would Superman Do"?

It's a lot easier than trying to figure out what Jesus would do, possibly more violent, and comes with a lot less guilt.

The ability to take the moral high ground, without having to bring religion into it, like a total douche.

A blanket excuse to rationalize violence.

You should make a bracelet that illustrates it, with
W W (Superman Logo) D ?
"So this little drunk guy, who I outweigh by 125 pounds, pulls a knife at starts swiping it all over the place. So I'm thinking, "what would Superman do?", y'know?"
"I punched him in the throat, grabbed him by the ankles, and swung him into an oak tree, cracking about 5 ribs"
"Truth, justice, and the american way, my friend"

My landlord is a thief and a criminal, for the way he abuses my rights as a tenant. I ask myself "W.W.S.D.?", so borrow 4 jacks form the auto shop down the street, rig them together with some wood, and tip his trailer over, while he's in it."
"I dunno, that sounds more like "what would Macgyver do?""
by Crazy Savages February 09, 2010
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When a man holds a door open for a woman, only check out her ass. (I'm hoping most women already knows this exists)
"Nice ass chivalry back there, but the 40 second wait for her to get from the parking lot to the door made it pretty obvious"
by Crazy Savages December 07, 2009
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(noun) A term of reference for your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend on Christmas. A combination of "Grinch" and "Bitch".
"How come you're not with your kids for Christmas?"
"Shut up, they're with the Gritch"

"Bobby, why so sad?"
"I got dumped on Christmas. The Gritch stole my christmas spirit".

("Grick" can be used to describe men)
by Crazy Savages December 25, 2009
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