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Slang for having a bowel movement.

Another way of saying you have to drop a deuce or take a dump or drop anchor
Ah man, I gotta "park a bear" before we hit up the club. It might take a while.

Where's Mike at? Ah he's just "parkin' a bear" in the port-o-potty.
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010

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A derogatory word for calling somebody a name. Has no real meaning. Not very offensive. Used more in a casual setting among friends jokingly. Sounds like a curse word even though it's completely harmless and meaningless. Catches people off guard and can be used around anyone.
Stop eating all my chips ya hosehole!

You're such a hosehole! I can't believe you pubed my burger!

Ha! you're driving on the wrong side of the road you dumbass.
Yeah? well you're just a hosehole....

You're a faggot
Yeah? well at least I'm not a hosehole
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010

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A very wet vagina. A term used for extremely horny females who are ready to take their pants off.

Can be used as a verb as well.
I only talked to her for 5 minutes and she already had a "wet sponge" for me.

I thought her water broke but she just had a really "wet sponge."

She was "wet sponging" all over the place. I heard she was in 3 different orgies at the same time.
by crawfisch February 03, 2012

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Describes a girl who is not fat but has a large body. She is big boned or stocky. She generally is taller than the average girl and is fairly strong/well built and manly.

This is a derogatory name often used by guys to describe a big boned girl no one knows the name of.
-Who's that new girl everyone's talking about?
-Uhh, I dunno.
-I heard she's fat or something.
-Oh yeah I know who you're talking about. But she isn't fat, she's just a T-rex.

-Dude check out that chick over there!
-Yeah I see her... She's too tall for my type. And she's kinda big and manly.
-Yeah, you're right, she's a T-rex.
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010

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